About Vasantbhai Purohit

Vasantbhai was born to Smt. Hojiben and Shri Ranchhodbhai, a farmer family in the year 1966 in Banas Kantha

He lived and studied in his paternal village Ravi, near villages like Alwada, Panthawada & Dhanera until the age of 16. He went to Palanpur for Higher Education

As a young boy, he was always inspired by the stories of the great patriots of the nation and dreamt of working for the progress of the motherland. He was especially inspired and influenced by the nationalist spirit and vision of Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh (RSS) and became its active member in Palanpur. This was one act that was to change his life forever and set him on a momentous journey towards the leadership of the Bharatiya Janata Party.

His abilities to keep his ear to the ground and establish deep and lasting connect with party workers enabled him to hone his organizational capabilities. He was one of RSS SVAYMSEVK and part of mass mobilization in the Ram Janambhoomi Movement and EktaYatra. The Ram Janambhoomi Movement resulted in a groundswell of support for BJP and drew tremendous response from Gujarat. These mass movements were followed by the Lok Sabha Elections in 1989.

Family History

Born in Dhanera on July 28th, 1966, to parents Ranchhodbhai Purohit and Hojiben, Vasantbhai hails from a highly respected traditional farmer family. They belonged to the Audichya Brahmin  Hindus.

There are originally Rajpurohit from Rajasthan. Later, During the period of Siddhraj Jai Singh in Siddhpur, He called the best priests (Sirohi – Rajasthan) for Hawan and then he gave few villages to settle down in Gujarat. Since then, this community has been contributing in the development of Gujarat and the nation.

His great-grandfather installed the judicial system around their villages. His father Shri Ranchhod Bhai also was Binharif sarpanch of his village.

Childhood Days

From childhood, Vasantbhai was a hard worker and supported his father in farming.

Since there are no more study opportunities in the village,  they walk several kilometers every day to attend school.

Vasantbhai enters into politics to give better education and better service to the people of Dhanera City.